#1 Investors in brands making a difference & listening to customers

Our Brands

Since 2014

We have been investing and getting involved in an array of different companies, offering customers something special and unique.

International Team

We have an international team of forward thinking people who come from different backgrounds and speak different languages but they all have one thing in common, they all go the extra mile for our customers.


Focused on Travel and Tourism, B2B Business Services and E-commerce.

Social & Community Impact

We are always looking to provide more jobs, help important causes and make a difference where we can to real people.


Creativity is what sets up apart, we do what others don’t do and we set the pace. We are always building new and useful things in tech.

Customer Focused

Customers are the most important people to us and making them happy and treating them fairly is our number one priority in everything we do.

Ethical & Sustainable

Apart from going paperless, removing non-essential lights and equipment from our office, we are always focused on reducing our carbon-footprint and minimizing waste from lean processes.